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Technomelt Supra is the most advanced hot melt available on the market today and is also the most sustainable option. Using polyolefin as a base polymer, they combine superior bond strength with high temperature resistance making Technomelt Supra ideal for difficult substrates and deep freeze applications. Technomelt Supra has many benefits over conventional EVA based hot melts that will improve your adhesive application process in addition to reducing consumption, with low temperature options for lower energy costs and increased operator safety. The self cleaning/clean running properties make for an extremely clean cut off and an end to stringing and cobwebbing. The key highlights are:

  • Low operating temperatures from 100°C – saving up to 50% in energy usage
  • Increased mileage – go 30% further with the same amount of adhesive
  • Self-cleaning – reduces downtime, cleaning time and spare parts spend (up to 80%)
  • Increased operator safety with reduced temperatures
  • All our products are food safe and available on a standard 2-3 day lead (same day and next service available)



Technomelt Supra is for Sustainability

Technomelt Supra is perfect for improving your application along with being better for the planet, this is achieved through using less adhesive and reducing energy usage through temperature and downtime reduction. Using less adhesive is achieved from the moment you put Technomelt Supra in the tank, further reductions can be made through pattern gluing available from your adhesive equipment supplier e.g. Nordson and Robatech. Combine this with lowering your application temperature to 100°c you will use up to 50% less energy also. Find out more on how we can use adhesives to help you in your sustainability goals HERE.


Technomelt Supra for Packaging

The highest quality packaging adhesive offering high performance at temperatures as low as 100°c. The extra stability of Supra provides a superior bond and combined with the clean jetting leads to less production downtime. Supra is the perfect option for all application methods including pattern control / stitching. Below is a video demonstrating the benefits of Technomelt Supra 100 Cool in packaging applications.

Technomelt Ultra for Bookbinding

A revolution in the graphic arts industry offering advanced adhesion for spine gluing, providing a more reliable bond with lower consumption and efficiency improvements. Technomelt Ultra is particularly effective for digital printers using Horizon (or equivalent) binders, and provides a bridge between EVA and PUR technologies.

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