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Technomelt Supra 100 Cool Case Study
Initial Situation
Application: Case and Carton Sealing for powder soups and sauces
Adhesives: 3 different adhesives: 2EVA, 1mPo
Machine: A mix of tank-based systems with and without automatic feeding
Goals Defined:


  • Optimal processing properties showing clean and precise application without stringing
  • Lower adhesive consumption
  • High adhesion properties and suitable for deep freeze
  • Energy savings for application equipment and also the air conditioning in production area
  • Increase operator safety by reducing risk of severe burns (application temperature from 180°C to 100°C)


  • Energy consumption (including air conditioning) was 1.2 kW/h when running at 180°C, now 0.7 kW/h achieving 42% energy reduction.
  • A glue volume reduction of 21% from 50 tonnes per year to 39.5 tonnes
  • Spare parts, the life expectancy for machine parts was doubled meaning a 50% reduction on spares purchased
  • Processing properties, no stringing at all and zero adhesive related line stoppages since introduction
  • No adhesive related health and safety incidences since introduction
  • Machine start up time reduced from 50 minutes down to 20 minutes



“The introduction of Technomelt Supra 100 Cool was a revelation for our production. I didn’t realise that there were so many savings to be made by switching to a mPO adhesive, that combined with the temperature reduction will save us thousands of pounds in the future. We’re very happy we changed”.

Packaging Technologist

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