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The way we shop is evolving constantly with more and more consumers choosing to shop online. In 2019, e-commerce sales totalled £693 billion, and 37% of retail sales in November 2020. This means the way our goods are packaged need to adapt too.

Adhesives play a pivotal role in the formation of packaging for e-commerce & order fulfilment, from paper wrapping to case sealing. With many available e-commerce packing solutions available, finding the right adhesive is essential and Interlock adhesives can help. Below are some key examples of packaging types available on the market:


  • CMC’s – CartonWrap Series, Paper Pro
  • B+ – I-Pack, e-Cube & Ultipack
  • Sitma – Fast Pack
  • Ranpak
  • Savoye -Jivaro and E-Jivaro
  • Quadient
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What to Look for in Adhesives:

Both Henkel’s Technomelt Supra and pressure-sensitive adhesive ranges have many options to cover all individual e-commerce and order fulfilment needs. To reach your productions full potential, it is useful to cover all of the below topics when selecting an adhesive:

  • Open time – It’s essential as not all packaging is sealed straight away and may need an adhesive that remains ‘active’ for longer.
  • Flexibility – Is the package likely to move? Traditional hotmelt does not cope with movement and will crack and break. A specialist pressure-sensitive adhesive may be needed.
  • Quality – All Henkel adhesives are manufactured to the highest quality with no changes in formulations. This gives you peace of mind knowing the adhesive will be consistent with your needs.
  • Machinability – Time pressures for delivery means that machine downtime can cause major problems. Technomelt Supra adhesives are engineered to give the best performance and eliminate adhesive related downtime such as ‘stringing’.
  • Difficult Substrates – Are you using the right adhesive for your board? Recycled board can make it difficult to form a strong bond. Will your adhesive cope with this?
  • Sustainability – what is the impact of the adhesive. We strive to provide the best, most sustainable adhesive options, with technology such as super low application temperatures and mileage reduction.

Adhesive vs Tape:

The other main way of sealing is tape. The initial outlay on adhesive equipment is high but the adhesive is typically 30-40% cheaper to purchase, which means the initial outlay is recovered quickly while enjoying the other benefits of using adhesive.
Advantages of using adhesives over tape:

  • Fast return on investment and lower cost
  • No plastic film involved – more sustainable
  • Package appearance is greatly improved
  • Structural integrity
  • Better security / tamper evidence
  • Less price sensitive


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