Reducing Plastic in Packaging

Jun 10, 2022 | Adhesives, News

Plastic packaging is a hot topic when it comes to sustainability. With pressure on supermarkets to make changes to their processes, and companies bringing in initiatives to reduce their plastic consumption. The world is looking for smarter solutions for how we distribute, package, and recycle our goods.

According to WRAP, “the world produces 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year” and “around a third of all plastic packaging put on the global market leaks from collection systems, polluting the environment”.

This is a catastrophic amount to deal with and requires everyone globally to do their part to make substantial changes and help our plant. Across the UK alone, plastic packaging accounts for nearly 70% of our plastic waste. Making this a good place to try and tackle first.

At face value, adhesives may seem a very small cog in a large machine when it comes to production. Although this special component, when done right, can offer a huge impact on end-of-line production sustainability. How? We have listed a few key points that could really reduce your plastic consumption using our specialist adhesive technology.

  1. Pallet Stabilisation

A topic that we speak about regularly at Interlock Adhesives. This is the use of pressure sensitive adhesives to secure pallet loads in place. Reducing the volume of plastic shrink wrap required by up to 50%, all while improving the pallet integrity and reducing damages in transit. This method not only reduces plastic use, but also reduces overall material consumption. Eliminating the need for pallet interlayers, offering extensive reductions in cost.

pallet stabilisation plastic

  1. Paper Wrapping

This innovative and growing method of packaging is rapidly becoming a first choice for most ecommerce, contract packaging and order fulfilment markets. By switching to paper packaging and eliminating plastic wrap for products such as mailers and magazines, the consumption is dramatically reduced and still offers aesthetically pleasing results.

paper wrapping plastic

  1. Technomelt Supra

 Technomelt Supra’s low density can reduce application consumption to a minimum, reducing overall usage. Its high efficiency also reduces the risk of rejects or failed bonds, reducing waste. The latest grade to the range Technomelt 081 ECO is made of 81% ISCC certified bio-based material and is compatible with the paper recycling stream according to EPRC.

technomelt supra plastic

We continue to work with Henkel to offer sustainable, efficient, and practical adhesive solutions that strive for a circular economy.

For more details contact our team today.

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