Spotlight: Direct Mail Services – Paper Wrapping

Feb 26, 2020 | Industires, News

Paper wrapping is a rapidly growing market in the UK. This is down to to increasing importance of environmental sustainability in all aspects of our daily lives. In graphic arts and direct mailing services, paper wrapping has become a fantastic way to reduce plastic usage from poly wrapping to a more environmentally friendly option. Machine producers, such as Sitma, CMC and Buhrs, offer great solutions for start up and established companies looking to reduce the use of plastics in their operation. National Geographic went plastic free in 2018 and was at the forefront of changing how we receive direct mail.

Major advantages of paper wrapping include:

  •     More environmental option compared to poly wrap/plastic (even starch based) and 100% recyclable
  •     Postage discounts available through the Royal Mail’s discounted Mailmark service
  •     Insert personalisation options increase
  •     All areas of the wrap can be printed on
  •     More durable and can handle the stresses of the mail system with ease

Video: Sitma 1005 PK Machine in action

On the adhesive side it is important to use the most secure and reliable glues to achieve the best possible results for customers. Different adhesives may be needed on the same job where, for example, an end user needs to open the paper wrapped mailing from a particular end. This will require an adhesive that will peel more easily one end and another adhesive to have a strong bond. Our adhesives are compatible with all adhesive application systems, such as Nordson, Robatech etc, and we have options for pattern gluing (stitching), line gluing and cover a wide range of paper weights and thicknesses.

Some example hot melt adhesives for paper wrapping are:

Technomelt EM 711

Technomelt EM 360

Technomelt PS 6540


Interlock Adhesives can provide fast solutions tailored to your needs, for further information CONTACT US

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