Technomelt SUPRA PRO

Jun 6, 2019 | Adhesives, News

Technomelt SUPRA PRO – The Ultimate Foodsafe Hot Melt Adhesive

The brand new Technomelt SUPRA PRO range launched this year bring completely new levels of food safety and performance to the food packaging market and safeguards the packaging of sensitive foods. The Technomelt SUPRA PRO range delivers unrivaled food safety feature with market leading processing benefits which include self-cleaning, no stringing and superior feedability. An innovative feedstock combination makes this range the safest hot melt for food packaging applications.

  • Optimised formulations to reduce risk-bearing substances to far below legally required limits
  • Extra sales argumentation for retail – supporting and ensuring mineral oil free packaging
  • Triple food safety evaluation PLUS: this is an extension of Henkel’s unique assessment with additional qualitative and quantitative examinations of mineral oil fractions
  • An extended food contact statement
  • A complete comprehensive range of adhesives for a wide array of requirements and applications
  • Migration dramatically reduced

Sensitive Goods

Sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceuticals require the safest materials and adhesives are no different. Migration from elements such as adhesives, inks etc are coming more and prevalent in packaging production and the Technomelt SUPRA PRO range provides piece of mind along with the documents to back-up this up.

Migration Examples:

Factors Influencing Migration Sensitive Food Examples
Shelf life duration Flour, sugar, rice, cereals
Adhesive application area in relation to quantity of packed food Rice, cereals, single packed chocolate pralines, sachet packing
Processing, storage and transport temperatures Pasteurised foods, foods transported to hot countries
Polarity of food stuff Fatty surface goods e.g. chocolate, tea, coffee
Exposure relative to body weigh Baby food, pet food


Why is the new Technomelt Supra PRO range the best choice for sensitive foods?

  • Careful selection of raw materials with detailed certifications on harmlessness for human health
  • Optimised formulations reducing the risk-bearing substances far below legally required limits
  • Extra performance benefits such as non-stringing behavior and excellent machinability
  • Extended Food Contact Statement
  • 3ple food safety evaluation PLUS: extension of Henkel unique assessment by extra quantitative and qualitative examinations of mineral oil fractions

Mineral Oil

Supra PRO achieves non-detectability of MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons) as well as false-positive MOAH through careful selection of raw materials.


At Interlock Adhesives we can supply the full range of Technomelt SUPRA PRO including high tack and low temperature options, CONTACT US today for more information.

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